Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Small Ikea haul

I can't help myself! I think it is nearly impossible to go to Ikea and not buy anything.

I went there this morning with my daughter to check out their couches. We will need a sofa bed and a new couch.

This is what I came home with:

3 packs of 8 wooden hangers for Sam's new wardrobe. $6.99 a pack.
A green throw for Sam's green bedroom. $5.99POLARVIDE Throw IKEA The fleece throw feels soft against your skin and can be machine washed.
Tea towels. A 4 pack for $2.99.
ELLY Tea towel IKEA The colours are retained wash after wash thanks to the yarn dyed cotton. With loop for hanging/easy storing when not in use.
Heidi loved all the stuffed toys and she fell in love with this cat. $5.99
My son Andrew has been saying that he would love a lamp to put next to his bed in his new room, but he wanted one with a pull cord, not a switch. So I found his this cute one. $24.99
ÅRSTID Table lamp IKEA
But the shade was a little girly as it has pleats in it, so I bought this plain white one. $19.99.
More expensive than I thought. I thought it was $9.99 and once I got home saw it was twice that. Grrr... Anyway my son loves it and I will re-use the other one on some other lamp. Maybe in Heidi's big girl room.

So that is all I got today.

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