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Welcome to my blog. It is all about the extension and renovation of my Melbourne house.

G'day, my name is Natalie and I live in West Footscray, Melbourne, Australia with my husband David, and our three kids, 2 boys aged 8, 7 and little miss who is 3.

We bought this 1927 Edwardian double fronted house just after we got married way back in 2004. It was never meant to be a family home. We just wanted to do it up and sell it to make a quick buck and buy something bigger and better. Well that never happened. The initial renovation was a lot longer than expected and then the kids were born.

When I was pregnant with number three we knew this house was going to be too small for our family of five, so we did the sums on whether to move or extend. It was going to be cheaper to do an extension and lots more fun.

I work part time in IT/System administration and hubby is a carpenter. We spend our spare time and money on the house. We promised the kids, when the extension is finished we would get a dog. But until then we are just enjoying the journey.


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