Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Only one dining chair

We have a new edition to the furniture family.

Please give a warm welcome to Mr Chair! Not the same Mr Chair as in The Goldbergs but our own version.

We had to find a dining chair that had a high seat as the new dining table Dave made is higher than most. So after a lot of web surfing (and even considering buying a stool and cutting it down) I found this on Ebay of all places.

Best part it was only $139 delivered. And it came in a few days. This will be Dave's chair I think. He fits in perfectly.

Oh yeah and the tree is up and lights are on the house.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

New living room rug

Hooray for the Black Friday sales.

I have had my eye on a extra large Jute rug at Freedom for a few weeks now. I need a larger rug to go under the new couches in the living area and it is hard to get a large enough one.

I have ordered the Madras Jute rug 250 x 350 cm from Freedom.

 As you can see, it is normally $549 RRP. As a MyFreedom member I always get a 15% discount anyway. So with the sales taking off 30% and the my 15% member discount and then I had a $50 birthday voucher, it came down to $306.85.

Got to be happy with that. Also I asked if they could add it on to my couch delivery and they didn't even charge me any extra delivery fee. Woo hoo!!

Now as I haven't seen it in person, I just hope it goes ok with our couches.

The couches and rug should come the first week in December. Not long to wait now.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Building our dining table

Have I told you how amazing my Husbands is lately??

This man..... he is brilliant.

Yesterday he made me this dining table. The top is made from recycled Messmate fro Urban Salvage and the bottom is a mix of messmate, blackbutt and another hardwood. Total cost was about $550.

Saturday morning he prepared the table top and glued and clamped it together to set.

On Sunday afternoon he began with the legs.

The timber was so hard that sometimes the nail gun failed to get through it, so we need to pull these out when it has all set in place.
This is the start of the first leg (minus the feet).
Then we brought them inside ready to assemble.
After a bit of pulling all into square, we clamped it and screwed it together.
So now we need to wait til the glue dries before we can sand it and seal it. But how beautiful does it look? I can't stop looking at it.

The previous weekend he put together most of the new coffee table. Again using recycled messmate timber. Here is one set of legs being glued and clamped.

 Then putting it together....
I don't have a proper after shot yet because he hasn't put the shelf underneath it yet and still needs to be sanded and sealed. My dorky kids loved being silly in the photo.

So next is the built in bench seat and the free standing bench seat. We are on a roll.

In other works.... I am almost done with painting the staircase. Just 1 more top coat to go. Then I need to organise a carpet layer to lay the runner (or I might do it myself).