Sunday, 5 March 2017

Backyard plans

 Can you believe that Summer has now finished? Man that flew by.

During that time we have been planning the design for the backyard and finding a landscaper to help us implement. We snapped a few ideas into a mood board and sketched a shed plan.
We need a new shed, big enough to store the kids bikes and one day a kayak for Sammy. I would like to have a big grass area to play soccer and run around on. Some red brick garden beds and a place for the trampoline / spa (one day). Also I floated the idea of a dog potty so we can train the dog to wee and poo away from the new lawn.

So here is the plan.
We want to reuse all our old pavers to save money. The pergola we just moved to a new location near the back wall. We are getting the red bricks for free from Dave's Uncle, and the windows and doors for the shed are also free recycled old finds.

The grass and soil and labour will cost us about $1500. Plus any irrigation and other soil and plantings will be extra.

We spent the weekend pulling up the pavers and leveling out the backyard. We got a 4 cubic meter skip bin to fill up. Also we spring cleaned the shed ready to be pulled down and moved.

So it is all hands on deck at the moment as we want to get the lawn down before the weather cools down and before the landscaper goes away on holidays.

Feels good to be doing some hard labour again. Well for me, probably not for Dave.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

New linen cupboard

 So, I had a plan that I wanted to turn the old wardrobe in the laundry (that only had hanging space) into my new linen cupboard. Makes sense having the linen in the laundry instead of the kitchen area as it previously was.

Here is the old linen cupboard which was over flowing:

 And this is the wardrobe in the laundry. I needed some space for the ironing board and vacuum cleaning as well as the sheets and towels.
 So in a few hours, Dave whipped up this for me.

 The ironing board and brooms can fit on the left and the vacuum goes under the bottom shelf.
So then the old linen cupboard as empty and ready to be extra pantry storage. Which with 3 kids was very much in need.
Old linen cupboard turned extra pantry space

Now my pantry
And the old pantry now has breathing room.
 Feels like a breath of fresh air to have room in the cupboards now. Also, I put all the kids snacks and cereals down the bottom so they can make their own food when required. No excuses!


Monday, 5 December 2016

The couches!

I am so thrilled!!

You know how sometimes you picture how things will look, then after some time you forget and then doubt yourself. Well I was worried that the new couches wouldn't look good. I shouldn't have worried as they look even better than I expected.

The material colour blends so well with the blue of the bookshelves and the blue above the fireplace. Here is a close up of the fabric. It is called navy but has a woven texture.

The comfort level is crazy. They are so easy to sit on and firm enough that you can still get out with ease. Will be great for my Mum when she comes. The kids love lying on them and they are so big that even Dave can lie down and still have some feet space.

The rug is pretty standard, but again looks great in the room. The kids said they liked how it felt kinda bumpy under their socks. I don't even fancy putting cushions on them I kinda like them plain, but we will see.

Oh and here you can see the finished drawers and handles on the built in TV unit.

So happy I found these couches. If anyone is interested, they are called Grand Lodge by Freedom.