Sunday, 31 January 2016

A window becomes a door

Very exciting this are happening at This Little Yellow House!

This weekend we knocked out the old double hung window in the old kids bedroom and broke through the wall to make way for our new laundry door. This door will lead from the new laundry room straight to the clothes line down the side way.

We had to install a small lentil above the new doorway and frame up for a highlight window and buy and install a new door jam.

View from the kitchen

We also filled up another skip

Preping for the door jam

The highlight above the door
We are hoping to have the final frame inspection done by Friday. But that will require Dave installing another lentil in above the kitchen sink which could be a pain in the bum.

At the moment it is all boarded up and luckily none of that rain from Saturday nights bad storms leaked in.

Tomorrow my littlest starts kindergarten. I can't believe it. Also can't believe that now I will have kid free time to do things like shopping for tiles and fixtures and painting the staircase.

It actually feels like we are getting close to the end now. Finally.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Two years ago, what were we doing?

Every so often I like to look back at my blog and see what we were up to this time 1 or 2 years ago.

Two years ago in January, we were having problems with the steel beams being in the wrong position.


That was an exciting time.

1 year ago in January, we were putting in the upstairs windows, doing some plastering and finishing the weatherboarding.
 So much work has been done and looking back I feel exhausted. But as we are getting closer to finishing (we are hoping somewhere around June) it all feels so so long ago and so worthwhile. It will be so nice when it is finished and so proud of my husband for working so hard to make it all so perfect.

Happy Australia Day tomorrow everyone. I have some meat pies ready to go.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ensuite inspiration

* All pictures from my Pinterest board*

I have been so undecided when it comes to the look of the ensuite.

It would be easy to go modern and simple like this:

I could simply buy something off the shelf like this from Ikea. However will it look outdated in 3 years time? Probably.
GODMORGON / ODENSVIK Wash-stand with 4 drawers IKEA 10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure. 
Or I could do something more in keeping with the rest of the house. But I may need a custom benchtop and cabinetry.
his and hers sinks in a small area.. this is similar to the ikea sinks. 
But then I really love these too:
Master bathroom with herringbone wood floor, marble shower and countertops, white cabinets, double vanity | Ali Budd Interiors:  
Master Bathroom Vanity Makeover | Centsational Girl 
Stylish Family Home with Transitional Interiors Kohler Purist (R) wall mount sink faucet and cross handles. Like wall paneling, marble, grey vanity. Pair with subway tile, black or nickel sconces, recessed sink. CR 
Fingal Residence by Jam Architecture
So many nice options. I really need to think what would work best in such a small space though. Also think about the storage as I will need to keep all our own toiletries in there. It needs to be practical.


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Reno Rumble 2016

I had a tip off from my friends that the new season of Reno Rumble is filming in the neighbourhood again.
Image result for reno rumble
I was super excited so I had to alter my jog this morning so that I ran past. I didn't see anyone in the teams there so no idea yet who is competing. The houses were completely gutted, just frame work inside and a security guard on the gate.

For anyone interested, there was one house in Ballard St Yarraville and one in Angliss St Yarraville.

Can't wait to see how they turn out.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Building the ensuite

 Last week was a little bit exciting.

Dave started framing up the new ensuite because he had a forced week off work.

The side gate was removed.

 Then the subfloor was built allowing a dropped down section for the shower recess.

 After some issues with the roof angle and chatting to the surveyor, the walls and roof frame began.

Sunday saw the concrete get poured into the stump holes, so now it is looking like this.
 This photo gives you an idea of the internal size.
 For me it was time to get back to painting lining boards again.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Changing the kitchen

You may have seen my Facebook status on New Years Eve about me thinking about doing something crazy in the kitchen.

Well it does sound crazy but it also seems to make complete sense when you take a goo look at the space. I am not talking about huge money here but a few changes that I think would change the feel of the kitchen for the better, create more storage space and bring better light to the sink.

So at the moment the kitchen is oriented like this.

 When we were doing the floors, the bench had to be spun around so we could get the the floor under it. Then I got inspired.
Once the bench was turned this way, the light from that window flooded down onto the island bench. So my idea is to turn the bench this way and extend the bench with the sink on it along to go up to the far edge of the window and move the sink closer to the window.

We could use the current island bench top stone to extend the bench and so just get some cupboards made up to go underneath (I already worded up my brother in law to help make these as he did the original kitchen cupboards). Then we would replace the counter top on the island with maybe a wood top or something. But this would probably be smaller and not overhang at the ends as it does now. So would only sit 3 people instead of 5.
Of course we would need to move the pendant lights too but then I am not sold on those lights anyway and would like to change them.

So that is my plan and my mother in law agrees as otherwise that space under the window is just empty and wasted.

Would do you think? A good idea or not?

Wardrobe walls

So on Wednesday, Dave began the process of building the new walk in wardrobe for our bedroom.

It required that he removed the attic ladder (which will probably have to be moved into our bedroom ceiling eventually).
Attic ladder gone

New wall being built
I think he will do more on this during the coming weekend. He needs to install the batons in the ceiling and install a lentil to support the wall where he is knocking through to our bedroom.

I have been thinking about layouts and what I would like in the new wardrobe. I think I would like more drawers than hanging space. I have been doing the Konmari organising method recently and am enjoying the idea of the way she displays the clothes in drawers.
try arranging folded piles of clothes horizontally, filling each drawer from front to back.:
Image from pinterest

Not sure what to do about the existing sliding mirror doors. I am not a fan of this cross over sliding doors so would love to find an alternative.