Saturday, 8 August 2015

How a-door-able!

So you may have seen that our doors arrived on Thursday. That night David began routing out the holes for the hinges.

Installing the hinges on the new doors.

Here is one with the hinges on.

New doors!
 Then Friday night he had two doors hung. Both the boys bedroom doors.
Drilling the holes for the hinges.

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Andrew is pretty happy with his ability to now keep people out of his space.
Sammy's door. Of course his is the squeeky one. Poor fella!
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 Then while that was happening, I was undercoating the internals in the wardrobe.
Undercoat of primer
Then today I did a coat of enamel. I think I will sand it and do one more though.
 You can see that the wardrobe doors also got put on today. They will be painted during the week.

The other thing that happened today, was that we spoke to Dave's brother who is helping us design the build in wardrobe for Andrew's room and also the TV unit and shelving. I had to draw up a sketch and he will come back during the week to measure it all up. I am super excited about this.
Sketches of cabinetry
 Finally feeling like things are really speeding along now and I am so excited about it.

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