Sunday, 23 August 2015

Take a seat; fireside.

As I mentioned during the week, the flu was doing the rounds. Dave had to take Friday off work to stay home with our eldest son. While he napped on the couch, Dave got stuck into the undercoat in the back room. So when I came home from work, the back area was so light and bright and fresh.
It really was amazing how much lighter the space was.. Hooray!
Heidi liked her new white play space too.

Then on Saturday he started on the fireside seating/drawers. He started with a box made of mdf then cut out the space for the drawers.
By the end of Saturday he had one done. Slacker!

Then today he did the other one.
And now it looks like this, all ready to make the drawers.
My job for the weekend was to prep and paint the big window in the living room. Even doing that had a huge effect on the brightness of the living room.
This little girl kept asking me to play chasings about every 3 minutes.

So now I have done one undercoat and two coats of gloss. I will see how it all looks tomorrow but suspect that it make need another one; at least in some spots.


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