Monday, 25 November 2013

A touch of Christmas

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The family has been sick and I have been trying to catch up on the housework.

I went to Aldi on Sunday to do my normal grocery shop and spied some outdoor cushions. I had my eyes on some at Ikea but they weren't in stock in Melbourne so I was just using some old indoor cushions that also came from Aldi with a quilt cover set.

They didn't go with anything so were only ever a fill in until something better came along.

These new ones were only $13.99 each and are proper outdoor cushions. Yay!
Plus they are red so go well with Christmas soon approaching.

I also ventured into Kmart to look at Christmas lights and instead came out with these doormats. I am using the old ones at the tradesman's entrance at the back for all the muddy boots.

The kids love them and that is the main thing :)

Next project is the lights and tree next weekend.


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pulling down the pergola

Todays job is to pull down the pergola.

We are going to recycle the timber to use for framing to save some money. Also, I have listed the old laserlite on the local buy, swap and sell to hopefully get some money too.

What a shock we got this morning to see the deep holes near the fence filled with water. We think it has been seeping out from under nextdoors slab. Dave is going to ask a workmate for his pump to get rid of it.

So, yesterday the digger ran out of time and space in the skip, so he will come back next Saturday and we will get another, bigger, skip to do the rest of the holes. Unfortunately that will push us back another week with the framing but we really want the base down correctly to save problems later on with movement.

Off to pull out weeds now.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Some digger action

With rain forecast and looming clouds, we were uncertain if the digger would be able to come today. Thankfully with some luck and a few prayers, the rain wasn't too heavy and we were all go for digging. Dave politely warned the neighbours that they may be awaken by some excavating but they weren't too fussed.

Dave got up early and removed some panels from the fence where to new brick wall will go. It will be on the fence line.

The digger removed some old stumps from the back end of the house which took him about 3 minutes opposed to 3 days by hand. Then dug a massive trench where the brick wall on the boundary is going to be. He actually wet down a lot deeper that in this picture below.

He used this cool tool to dig the new stump holes saving us soooo much time and back breaking labour.

We hired a skip for $350 where he dumped all the extra dirt.

Sammy is just loving all the action and has been outside watching pretty much the whole time.

A few more pics.

I'll be back with progress pictures after it is all done for the day. Sounds like he will have to come back another day to finish because the skip is almost full.


Monday, 4 November 2013

5 more sleeps

I feel like a little kid counting down until Christmas.

Only 5 more sleeps until the digger comes. He will excavate the backyard and dig the new stump holes. It is such a mess out there right now and it is also dangerous for the kids.
Before then, we have to tidy up the area and mark out where the stump holes will be. Also have to rip out some concrete from down the side where we need hole for the ensuite.
Dave has been digging some more holes under the back room.
Even splashed mud on the ceiling and walls with this effort.
Off to bed soon to knock another sleep off the list.
Nigh, nigh.