Sunday, 2 August 2015

Wardrobe fitout and under the stairs

This weekend I didn't get a lot done because of other various weekend activities for the kids. But we did achieve a few things.

Dave spent Saturday finishing off the underside of the staircase The before looked like this:
The unfinished underside of the staircase.

Under the staircase landing
 We had some left over VJ panelling so we used that to line it and the just put a pine edging. I think it looks great!
VJ panelling under the stairs

VJ under the landing.
 We still need to finish it off at the edges a bit neater.

Then he got to work on the wardrobes in Sammy's room. Added two split hanging rails:
Hanging rails
and added shelves..

Wardrobe shelves
and finished it off with a smaller hat shelf of the right and a long hanging rail.
Wardrobe interior with 3 hanging rails
Here is Dave cutting the last rail to size.

 My job was merely painting in Andrew's blue room. I finished the ceiling, the blue and the grey and made a start on the skirting boards and chair rail. I need to buy more paint though as I ran out.
Day time shot

Night time shot
We have ordered the bedroom and wardrobe doors and also arranged for the painter to come back  next week to paint the rest of the upstairs VJ ceiling. Might get him to paint the doors too.

So that's all at the moment. Apart from trying to pick a wall colour for the rest of the house. Eek! That is fun.

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