Thursday, 31 March 2016

Stopping up the plaster

This week we had the plasterers come out and do the stopping up of the plaster that we hung in the ensuite, walk-in-robe and laundry. They also patched up other spots that were cracked or where we had to move windows and power points.

Finishing the plaster around the skylight

This is where our new NBN box is and the old hole had to be plastered over

The walk in robe
Tomorrow the tilers are coming to do the waterproofing in the ensuite. Yay! I am not sure if that means that the tiling will happen soon after. Fingers crossed. I would love to see some tiles go down next week.

Apart from this, all we have done is some fiddly weatherboarding on the outside. Soon we will have to get stuck into painting again.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Ensuite moodboard

Absolutely nothing got done at our house this weekend.

Not in a bad way though as Hubby took off for the weekend with his friends and I had the kids at home so was busy with them.

So everything looks just the same as last week,

This week we hope the get the plasterers in to do the small bits in the ensuite then follow on by stopping-up the walk-in robe, laundry and other patches around the house. Not sure what day that is happening though.

Last weekend I got to see a sneak peak of the vanity in progress at my brother in law's workshop. He even scored us a piece of real marble for the top for only $100. It will be so much nicer than the marble look laminate that we were going to have. How awesome is he!

I don't think I have shared the moodboard for the ensuite with you yet.
So the vanity will be made to look much like the picture with a marble top but two basins and wall mounted taps. The floor is a concrete look large tile and half way up the wall with be the marble tile. Then above that will be the lining boards. Not sure about the mirror and lights yet as I haven't found any that I love in Australia.

I will keep looking. Any tips helps too.


Monday, 14 March 2016

Labour day labouring

How good are long weekends! I love it that I get a long weekend for my birthday too.

During the week I started painting the new laundry door. Then Dave did the architrave around the door and the highlight window above. I can't wait to paint it black and have already picked up a few paint samples. Who knew there were so many different blacks.
More work was done on the ensuite. Dave installed the cavity sliding door and then plastered around it and inside the ensuite. Oh and we also plastered the ceilling in there too.

Sorry about the horrid photo, but here are the shower niches which Dave just finished putting the cement sheet in ready for waterproofing. I am so excited about my footrest.
 The the door was architraved. The base blocks were glued and nailed...
and oh course it all must be level!
Then the rest of the architraves were put on. 

 So, it is starting to look a bit more finished now.

It wasn't all work on my Birthday weekend though. We took a quick road trip to Geelong to have lunch.

I really hope that this ensuite gets moving a bit faster. It is so close but still so much to do.
Have a good week everyone,

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Floors and walls

Dave smashed it out this weekend. It is looking so good now. *smiley face* I am so proud of him. He even made the time to take the boys fishing.

It started with insulating the ensuite, straightening the walls and then hanging the plaster.

We have two niches in the shower. One for shampoo etc and the other is a footrest for shaving legs. How cool is that???
 Just have to hang the ceiling plaster and then install the cavity slider and finish the wall on the other side of that.

Then he plastered the laundry room.
Next came the rest of the blackbutt flooring for the laundry.

This was great news as I could finally get the wood pile out of the dining area. Well first it was stacked near the fireplace so he could sort it, but then it was all installed.



Then, we decided to leave the old baltic pine floorboards in the cupboard. Mainly because the walls were sitting on it and also I think it is a cute reminder of what the house used to look like.


 Feels so much closer to being complete now that the plastering and flooring is almost done. It is times like these that I get a new little buzz of excitement.

Tonight we are picking up the tiles for the ensuite. Hip, hip hooray!

Oh and I spend my birthday money on a new bar fridge for the bar area in the living room.
I got this Esatto Mini Bar fridge for $199 (down from $300) from Masters.
Esatto Mini Fridge 88L Retro Black EMF87B

The good things about it are that it has a separate door for the freezer so things will stay colder and it has a light in it, which so many bar fridges don't. Plus it is so cute don't you think?
Now to fill it with drinks.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Ikea laundry ideas

    Yesterday I did a flying trip to Ikea to plan the laundry.

I want something like this but can't decide on the perfect cabinet.

My plan is looking like this so far.

I took a few snaps of things I like.

So soon I need to make some tough decisions.

Actually the doors that I prefer are from Bunnings in the Alpine design in white.
all heart, all home:

Ahhh what to do??

Any suggestions?