Thursday, 27 June 2013

Staircase and handrails

Last night, Dave brought an off-cut of a handrail home from work. This prompted me to start thinking about what profile we'd like for our handrail. I didn't even think there were different ones. Aparently there are.

I saw this list on a website of a melbourne, Erin Jones Stairbuiling.
Handrail Profiles

Apart from the circle ones, the rest are really pretty similar. How do I choose?

Also saw this picture which is a bit better because it is a photo. It is from DMS Staircases.

Then we have to think about the stringers (the bits that look like gaol bars) and the posts.

I doin't think I will go for a fancy turned one. Maybe just the plain one like the 4th from the right.

I would like some big chunky posts at the bottom of the stairs though.

Decisions, decisions. But good ones, this is the fun stuff :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I must be the most patient person in the world

The engineer came last night. He said it will all be straight forward. Phew!

I ask how long and he said 2-3 weeks. Oh maaaannnnn!  I'd hate for it to be complicated  :(

So again we find ourselves kicking up our heels waiting; and not even good waiting, like for paint to dry (I wish!!).

But as they say, good things come to those who wait so let's hope that is true.

Maybe I will start getting more posts going about inspirational rooms to get me motivated. That sounds fun.

Monday, 24 June 2013


Tomorrow the Engineer is coming to our house to take a look at what needs to be done next in our process and to get things rolling. I am not sure what he does apart from the working drawings and hopefully he will also apply for the building pernit for us through the council. Not sure but we will find out.

I am hoping he can see how desparately we need to extend and rushes it through for us.

That's all from here. We've been a bit under the weather this week and the internet is going super slow so I haven't been on line much.

Til next time, keep warm!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rain, rain go away

It is June and we have record rainfall for Melbourne. Makes things very muddy around here.

It also means that my house looks like laundry with things hung around the house trying to get dry. Thank goodness for my new drying rack in the laundry. But still, with the babies nappies and the kids clothes there is lots to get dry. I try not to use the dryer to save money and the enviroment. It is just for desperate times.

The block next door has had a new slab laid last week. Today they attempted to start the framing but only got this far before they left.

We began clearing out the backyard this weekend just gone. We are moving the agapanthas to the front garden because we ripped out the lavender which wasn't doing very well and the lambs ears too. Eventually I want to put Hydrangeas under the front window too.

So the back section is now a muddy mess.

We need to either move or sell the dog kennel too then sell the red bricks underneath it.

Sadly the house is only going to look worse before it looks better now. But all for a good cause.

Happy rainy days everyone.


Friday, 7 June 2013

Shopping for floorboards. Nightmare!

I had been looking forward to going to Urban Salvage this morning to check out floorboards for our house. We made the mistake of taking the kids. They all got a bit excited by all the timber and walkways and started climbing and running everywhere. The worst was the baby. It was nap time so she was running around, overtirred and whinging. She'd run into the office and we'd have to carry her out screaming and crying. Arrhhhhh.....

My fun morning was not so fun after all.

I did get a few photos of different timbers though.

This is the stringybark which is very light in colour and has nice grain through it. It is made from new floorboards where we kinda prefer the remilled stuff (so they are made from old timber from demlished buildings).

Here are the terrors running a muck in the display area.

This is remilled messmate which also looked really nice.

The man said he would give us the 5% discount that he gives the business which Hubby works for. But when he found out it was for our own home he said he gives 10% in that instance. Yay!! So $60 per meter comes to $54 per meter.

We wont make a decison yet and we will go back sans kids one day soon.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

No objections!!! Hooray.

I just emailed our council contact who informed me that we had no objections to our plans. I am super happy about this :) I had a feeling the grumpy neighbour would say something but she didn't.

Now aparently he has to write the report. He told me how busy he was at the moment and said he'd try to sneak it ahead of some others. Then he asked what is a reasonable time frame to have it done. Huh?? How should I know?  So I said 1 weeks :)  Is that a bit cheeky?

Worth a try I suppose.