Sunday, 22 September 2013

We started!!!

This weekend we started work on our extension. My second son Sammy (4) was so thrilled. He went to bed early on Friday night and was out in the backyard as soon as could finish breakfast and get dressed.

They started pulling up the deck.

Deck all gone.

Then we had to start digging up the old earthenware sewer to replace it with plastic pipes.
So we dug a hole and Heidi ate some dirt to help clear it LOL

Today I have to call up to organise some insurance then we will clear some of the mess from the backyard. We also sold the kennel that David build for our old dog Jerry years ago. Sad to see it go but we need the room and the next dog probably wont need such a big kennel. A smaller yard means a smaller dog.
There should be more frequent updates from now on so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Building permit at last!!!!!

Hip, hip hooray!! Our building permit arrived today!!

Now to organise insurance and we are off and running. I'm on it!

Monday, 16 September 2013

My Ikea stool covers

This post has been a long time coming but finally got around to taking a photo of my Ikea stool covers. I got these for my birthday back in March this year. Previously I had the standard white covers that came with the stools.

But with 3 kids these were constantly dirty and looked yuck. Plus I thought the room needed some character and texture.

I really love these! Every time I look at them I smile. They look more homely and loungey.

I think some pendant lights would really set the area off. Though first we have to decide where the skylight will go.

On a more exciting note, the Owner Builder certificate arrived in the mail yesterday and Dave is taking it to the surveyor this afternoon. So that should mean he has everything he needs to issue the building permit. I am hoping this means that the permit is only days away. My son Sam is counting down the sleeps.

Bring it on!!


Friday, 13 September 2013

Just pinning some ensuite ideas

I was just browsing Pinterest as you do on a Friday night while watching the AFL finals, and came up with some new ideas.

Saw this picture:
Fingal Residence by Jam Architecture
and thought it might look good in our long narrow ensuite. If we get a nice piece of messmate wood to match the new hardwood floors, we could build a long thin vanity like this. I love the open shelf at the bottom as well as a few other drawers to hide things away.
I just adore the texture and warmth that wood gives a home. Then I saw some mosaic type tiles that would give a different texture to the wall behind.
I am sure it would look great once it is grouted.
Then picture 2 sinks sitting on the wooden vanity with a mirror above each and some wall lights either side like this (but more industrial if we can find such a thing here.
$39.95 at beacon.
Hubby wants a dark floor tile but I am not sure yet. Have to see what is available.
Any ideas welcome of course.
Ok, off to look at more pictures to pin.
Good night!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Are we actualy getting any closer?

ETA: Updated 5th Sep. Just so I can keep track of what is happening  :)

It sure doesn't feel like it.

What's happening at the moment. I will make a list so I don't forget.

- Waiting for next door neighbour to sign protection notice for building on the boundary. They came back a with a $180 and hour fee for their surveyor's time. They are going to ask their engineer for advise. Neighbour to re-ask if they can do it for free. Or help pay some of the cost. Should be done on Monday!! Yippee! Has been signed. Just need a few more details. Although I am tempted to hand it in as is. Handed in!

- Still waiting for owner builder permit to come through. Be another 4 weeks. Still in assessment phase. Had a call about one thing so must be underway. Got it and handing to the surveyor to day.

- Waiting for the energy audit to arrive. We have been sent an invoice but no report. Paid the invoice so should get it today. Got it and sent it to Surveyor!!!

- Draftsman is in the process of altering our drawings  to add in the new house next door. Should be done before he goes on holidays on Tuesday. He has some other info to report back to our surveyor too. Gave him the drawings of the house next door yesterday. Got the new drawings and sent them off to the surveyor.

- Land surveyors check. Getting another quote for land surveyor. Just got one in today for $2200!!!! Surely they don't cost that much. Next quote in $1100 and he is doing it tomorrow :) Done and paid for, just waiting for them to email it to us. Got it and sent it to the surveyor.

- Proof of ownership (from our bank). Asked the bank and they said go get a title certificate so will chase up about that. This wasn't on the last list that he sent us so hopefully not required.

- Have to mark up some things on the drawings. Down pipes and levels etc. Surveyor to do it.

- Window. 1 m to the sky. Need report and consent. Think we wont worry about this.


It helps to write it all down. I have probably miss things though.

I just want to start picking our wall colours and fixtures already!!