Thursday, 1 May 2014

Kitchen pendants and skylight don't mix

You may remember a post not long ago and me dreaming about what sort of pendant lights I would put above our island bench. Kitchen Pendants? Well, it may be the case that I don't get my pendants after all. You see, now that the neighbours have built so close to our only kitchen window, the kitchen is so dark that we have to have the lights on during the day. So we agreed with the neighbours that they would give us money to install a skylight.

Dave got up in the roof two nights ago to see exactly where it would be able to fit and what size skylight we could get. Turns out it would fit the best right above the island bench. Which would actually look the best and provide the best light, but means I can't put my pendants there.

Or does it?

I was on Pinterest and searched for pendants and skylights and came up with some ideas. We could run batons over the hole and hang them from there, kinda like this!
skylight and pendant detail (

Pendant Hanging from Skylights

Then there is this, which doesn't have a skylight like we are getting but how awesome does this look.

skylight with pendant
Or even if we run some timber beams across the opening somehow and attach the pendants from the beams. Here are some beams across a skylight opening.

skylight with pendant

 So that is what is on our minds at the moment. Well mine anyway. Dave is panicking about the roof and the rain forecast for this week. Our old plumber friend is now back on board and just waiting to hear from him about when he will be able to do it. Problem now is all the clear weather is gone. We can't get a break.

The rafter tails are all painted green now. That means we can put the eaves on them and get the roof ready for the final roof frame inspection hopefully by the end of next week.



  1. I don't see why you couldn't have your pendants and skylight if you really want both - clearly it can be done! That kitchen/pendant in the 3rd picture is beautiful, what an inspired idea. Good luck finding a solution :)

    1. Thank you. I am sure we will come up with a solution but it wont be a priority for us.

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