Sunday, 22 September 2013

We started!!!

This weekend we started work on our extension. My second son Sammy (4) was so thrilled. He went to bed early on Friday night and was out in the backyard as soon as could finish breakfast and get dressed.

They started pulling up the deck.

Deck all gone.

Then we had to start digging up the old earthenware sewer to replace it with plastic pipes.
So we dug a hole and Heidi ate some dirt to help clear it LOL

Today I have to call up to organise some insurance then we will clear some of the mess from the backyard. We also sold the kennel that David build for our old dog Jerry years ago. Sad to see it go but we need the room and the next dog probably wont need such a big kennel. A smaller yard means a smaller dog.
There should be more frequent updates from now on so stay tuned.


  1. ahh so exciting! Looking forward to seeing it all come together Nat.
    btw your kids are too cute!

    1. Why thank you Miss Libe :) They are always cuter when they are helping rather than hindering.