Monday, 29 April 2013

Back to Butter

In an effort to protect the kids from all the nasties that go into their food these days, we have made the switch from margarine to butter. I have fond memories of my Nanna having butter on everything including her weetbix (dry of course). She used to put a knob of butter on a plate in her cupboard for each day so it would be soft enough to spread. How simple!! How did this small detail get lost in the debate about butter and margarine? Everyone switched to margarine because it was easier to spread. Well why couldn't we have just kept doing what our grandparents did in the old days?

Bring back the butter dish I say!!!

We don't actually own a proper dedicated butter dish so I had to have a think about what I could use to put the butter on that was a least a tiny bit special. Well more special than one of our plain old white saucers that is.

This is what I found:

A souvenier from someones trip to Europe. (I think maybe it was my Dad). These things never normally get seen again so it is kinda sweet that we found a practical use for it.

Well until I find something better that is  :)

Who else is making the switch back to butter and who has a cool butter dish?


  1. We did! I bought a stainless steel butter dish (recommended by my local kitchen shop lady as she knows I have children) and it stays in the cupboard. I don't even worry about cutting a knob off, it never goes off even in summer. I'm so glad we did it and its so much more tasty too.

  2. Really? That is good to know. Mine is just too small for a pound of butter or even a half pound. Does your dish have a cover on it?

  3. We have moved to butter too!!! We have an old school dish from my hubby's Nanna with a lid it's a funky 50's dark green but its great. We leave it out in the bench so it's spreadable and put it away after lunch but back ut at night and its perfectly spreadable :)

  4. Sounds cool Katy.

    I have found a problem changing to butter. I now want butter on everything and it is making me fat :)
    Now I hide it in a different cupboard so I don't see it everytime I open the pantry.

  5. Hey I recognise that plate - I'm sure my grandparents had that one on their wall. I took 3 of them after they passed, but not that one. Still, fond memories.

    I have seen butter dishes about but they tend to be a pricy. I prefer the flavour and mouth-feel of butter to marg, since swapping to butter I intensely dislike the oily coating marg leaves in my mouth after eating toast etc.

    1. I am still on the hunt for a butter dish. Hoping the local buy swap and sell will have one come up cheap. I haven't had marg since switching not that eat much butter anyway. Peanut butter yes!!!!