Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lots of holes and dust

We started working on the inside of the house this weekend. The back lean to section has been sinking badly for years and David is constantly jacking it up and trying to re-level it. To no avail. It sinks again in no time.

We need to replace a bearer in the old part of the house so we ripped up the old floorboards in various places and jacked up parts an tried hard to get it level.

David wasn't able to replace the bearer by himself so he will have to find some help for that. Maybe next weekend. He said if we can get that done next week then we can get the digger in after that to level the backyard and dig the stump holes.

This renovating business is tough when you have 3 kids to wrangle. They are constantly trying to help and getting under our feet. We have many snack and drink break as well as doing the regular household chore or washing and cooking and cleaning.

Anyway here is what we did in the back living area.


  1. I have no idea how you guys do it with those 3 littleies running around!
    Must be so much fun doing a reno though, Id love to do it one day. Even with all the tough bits it would be so rewarding x

    1. Sam the middle child does like to help and he is actually helpful. We have a production line going on Saturday where little Heidi would pass the scrap wood to Sam and Sam would pass it to me to put on the rubbish pile. The eldest didn't want to stop playing Mario Cart. He isn't interested in helping.