Sunday, 22 January 2017

New linen cupboard

 So, I had a plan that I wanted to turn the old wardrobe in the laundry (that only had hanging space) into my new linen cupboard. Makes sense having the linen in the laundry instead of the kitchen area as it previously was.

Here is the old linen cupboard which was over flowing:

 And this is the wardrobe in the laundry. I needed some space for the ironing board and vacuum cleaning as well as the sheets and towels.
 So in a few hours, Dave whipped up this for me.

 The ironing board and brooms can fit on the left and the vacuum goes under the bottom shelf.
So then the old linen cupboard as empty and ready to be extra pantry storage. Which with 3 kids was very much in need.
Old linen cupboard turned extra pantry space

Now my pantry
And the old pantry now has breathing room.
 Feels like a breath of fresh air to have room in the cupboards now. Also, I put all the kids snacks and cereals down the bottom so they can make their own food when required. No excuses!



  1. Great use of space! I love your wrapping station too :)

  2. Clever you! The new laundry cupboard seems way more functional now. Next month we're doing a laundry styling challenge on the blog for a chance to win gorgeous homewares, you should join in #stylecuratorchallenge :)

    1. Thanks, I will take a look. Thanks for the invitation.