Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey

This project feels like it is moving along at a snails pace. Honestly, every little thing just takes 3 times as long as it should. The engineer has told us that he has started the work on our house drawings but it wasn't until today that he received the CAD drawings from our draftsman. Also, he is still waiting for our plumbing drawings from Casey. David plans to pick up a set today from a Resees plumbing shop apparently. Fingers crossed that he does.

We also need to tell them how deep our sewer is. How on earth should we know that? So somehow we have to put a big stick down the sewer outlet and measure the depth. Because we will be building over the sewer the stump holes have to go down as deep as them or deeper I think. This sounds costly, don't you agree?

If we weren't on Industrial 3 zoned land we would have been finished the reno by now. That is the sad part. I am now so used to nothing happening each day. I more hurdle every day it seems.

Just a bit down about it all today :(

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