Thursday, 27 June 2013

Staircase and handrails

Last night, Dave brought an off-cut of a handrail home from work. This prompted me to start thinking about what profile we'd like for our handrail. I didn't even think there were different ones. Aparently there are.

I saw this list on a website of a melbourne, Erin Jones Stairbuiling.
Handrail Profiles

Apart from the circle ones, the rest are really pretty similar. How do I choose?

Also saw this picture which is a bit better because it is a photo. It is from DMS Staircases.

Then we have to think about the stringers (the bits that look like gaol bars) and the posts.

I doin't think I will go for a fancy turned one. Maybe just the plain one like the 4th from the right.

I would like some big chunky posts at the bottom of the stairs though.

Decisions, decisions. But good ones, this is the fun stuff :)

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