Monday, 16 September 2013

My Ikea stool covers

This post has been a long time coming but finally got around to taking a photo of my Ikea stool covers. I got these for my birthday back in March this year. Previously I had the standard white covers that came with the stools.

But with 3 kids these were constantly dirty and looked yuck. Plus I thought the room needed some character and texture.

I really love these! Every time I look at them I smile. They look more homely and loungey.

I think some pendant lights would really set the area off. Though first we have to decide where the skylight will go.

On a more exciting note, the Owner Builder certificate arrived in the mail yesterday and Dave is taking it to the surveyor this afternoon. So that should mean he has everything he needs to issue the building permit. I am hoping this means that the permit is only days away. My son Sam is counting down the sleeps.

Bring it on!!



  1. They look great Nat - I love the blue peeking out of your cupboards here in this pic too!

    1. I actually thought the covers had some blue stripe in them. But when you look close up it is just a fine brown stripe.