Friday, 13 September 2013

Just pinning some ensuite ideas

I was just browsing Pinterest as you do on a Friday night while watching the AFL finals, and came up with some new ideas.

Saw this picture:
Fingal Residence by Jam Architecture
and thought it might look good in our long narrow ensuite. If we get a nice piece of messmate wood to match the new hardwood floors, we could build a long thin vanity like this. I love the open shelf at the bottom as well as a few other drawers to hide things away.
I just adore the texture and warmth that wood gives a home. Then I saw some mosaic type tiles that would give a different texture to the wall behind.
I am sure it would look great once it is grouted.
Then picture 2 sinks sitting on the wooden vanity with a mirror above each and some wall lights either side like this (but more industrial if we can find such a thing here.
$39.95 at beacon.
Hubby wants a dark floor tile but I am not sure yet. Have to see what is available.
Any ideas welcome of course.
Ok, off to look at more pictures to pin.
Good night!

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