Friday, 4 October 2013

Dug me a hole.

One of the first jobs we needed to do was to relace the old earthenware sewer with a new PVC pipe. Apparently you can't build over earthenware. So we had to find it and dig it out so that the plumber could replace it.

I just realised that they are dressed the same. Minus the helmet of course.

I had to get my head in there some where so here is my selfie.
 We also had to remove the concrete stump that was over the pipe. Still have to finish this part.

The plumber also had to block of this other pipe (Not sure why). Thought I'd take a pic for reference.

 Here is the new pipe and the access point.

And a little drawing so we know what we did.

This weekend we will do a tip run, and thanks to the in-laws we can use a tip voucher, to clear up the junk in the yard ready for the digger to come soon.
The kids and I pulled up heaps of the pavers and cleaned them and saved them. That was hard work.
Still have to remove the old drain pipes and vegie patch too and mark out the new build with a string line.
Fingers crossed the weather is good.
Til next time!


  1. I've been so slack catching up on blogs, love seeing that your renos have progressed, how awesome.

    1. Finally huh Pol!! It is nice to finally have more exciting things to blog about.