Friday, 7 June 2013

Shopping for floorboards. Nightmare!

I had been looking forward to going to Urban Salvage this morning to check out floorboards for our house. We made the mistake of taking the kids. They all got a bit excited by all the timber and walkways and started climbing and running everywhere. The worst was the baby. It was nap time so she was running around, overtirred and whinging. She'd run into the office and we'd have to carry her out screaming and crying. Arrhhhhh.....

My fun morning was not so fun after all.

I did get a few photos of different timbers though.

This is the stringybark which is very light in colour and has nice grain through it. It is made from new floorboards where we kinda prefer the remilled stuff (so they are made from old timber from demlished buildings).

Here are the terrors running a muck in the display area.

This is remilled messmate which also looked really nice.

The man said he would give us the 5% discount that he gives the business which Hubby works for. But when he found out it was for our own home he said he gives 10% in that instance. Yay!! So $60 per meter comes to $54 per meter.

We wont make a decison yet and we will go back sans kids one day soon.


  1. Kids make it trying don't they, our trip to Bunnings yesterday ended with gritted teeth....

  2. Ah Bunnings! Another place for them to run around screaming :) They need a kids valet at the entrance. A place to park your kids while you shop :)