Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cabinetry installation day

Such a long awaited and exciting day today. Cabinet day!

At 7:30am this morning the boys from Wattle Valley Kitchens rocked up ready to install. And install they did! What great work and so professional and tidy.

Let's just get to the pictures shall we?

Here are the drawers for the fireplace seating going in.
Here they are in. I have plans to make two of these filing drawers. Just need to tell Hubby how I want it done and watch the magic happen.
Of course, I still need to paint them and put on some handles.

Then came the laundry:

So we need to decide on a splashback here. Oh my favourite part is the hamper drawers.
Upstairs they installed the drawers in Sammy's wardrobe (by the way they all have soft close hinges even though I asked for normal ones).
Finally, today they installed the wardrobe in Andrew's bedroom.
So happy it is all in place. Not looking forward to painting it all but I just have to remember how much money I am saving by painting them myself.

Only problem, is that the laundry upper cabinets didn't extend all the way to the dryer, so they are making up another cabinet to go in that spot.

I also, am trying to pick handles. That is tougher than you'd think.

They measured up for the drawers and doors under the TV cabinet but not sure when they will be done.


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