Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rain, rain go away

It is June and we have record rainfall for Melbourne. Makes things very muddy around here.

It also means that my house looks like laundry with things hung around the house trying to get dry. Thank goodness for my new drying rack in the laundry. But still, with the babies nappies and the kids clothes there is lots to get dry. I try not to use the dryer to save money and the enviroment. It is just for desperate times.

The block next door has had a new slab laid last week. Today they attempted to start the framing but only got this far before they left.

We began clearing out the backyard this weekend just gone. We are moving the agapanthas to the front garden because we ripped out the lavender which wasn't doing very well and the lambs ears too. Eventually I want to put Hydrangeas under the front window too.

So the back section is now a muddy mess.

We need to either move or sell the dog kennel too then sell the red bricks underneath it.

Sadly the house is only going to look worse before it looks better now. But all for a good cause.

Happy rainy days everyone.


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