Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sick house

This little yellow house has been a house of sickness this past week and a half. I have Mum staying with us too. 4 out of 6 people are sick so there is many tissues and coughs around the house right now. Thank goodness we are all starting to come out the other side of it now.

So also with Mum here, I haven't done much new around the place. I swear she travels with more things than I own in total. It just makes us more aware of how badly we need this renovation.

On that front, there is no news. There have been a few mistakes in the plans that we have been getting corrected but each time we find something else wrong.

On Friday we are getting out attic ladder fixed so we will be able to go up into the attic again. Yay!

The attic ladder is currently in the nursery and it will have to get moved during the reno. We think we will put it in the boys room (which will be the baby's new room). Else it would have to go in the kitchen/hallway area which would just look weird.

This is the type we have got and we love it. (This is an old photo taken about 4 years ago)

Actually I found this one, in the hallway and doesn't look to bad. But I think our rafters run the wrong way to do that. Hmmmm.... I will show Dave and see if we could do this.


  1. Friends of mine have it in their hall and it looks fine. Actually you don't even notice it is there.

    1. I talked to Dave about this last night and he likes the idea but has to check the way the beams go and if there is enough head clearance.