Monday, 3 March 2014

Kitchen art update

I am sitting in the kitchen listening to the sound of cement being cut next door and wondering how on earth my daughter can sleep through the noise. Above me is an old and out dated print of coffee that we have had for about 11 years I guess. It is time to go!

Out dated old print

Wow look how dirty the camera lens is. Thanks kids!

I had some old frames lying around, so I went through my folder of random artwork and came up with this.
New kitchen print

Looks more modern and freshens up the space.

Man I really need to clean the camera. Or get a new one??

I am sure it wont stay there forever but it is nice to have a change.

And Heidi is still asleep!! Woo hoo!



  1. Looks lovely - nice to freshen up. Amongst the chaos!!

    1. Yes it makes it a bit more tolerable when the tiny space we have looks half decent.

  2. HA! I loved the story of the camera lens.
    For a minute, I thought your kitchen walls were sporting unfortunate stainage!
    It IS nice to switch out one's art -- I know I do it all the time.
    We finally resorted to a couple of art ledges in the dining room, to avoid Swiss cheese walls!

    1. I shouldn't even blame the kids. The spots seem to be dust under the glass. Not surprising seeing how much dust flies around the place during a renovation. So tell me, what are swiss cheese walls??