Sunday, 25 August 2013

So much paperwork

My goodness. It seems were are now bogged down in paperwork and red tape. We are waiting for our owner builder permit to be issued (should be this week according to their 2-3 week turnaround process) and can't do much more until then. We paid the surveyors fees today so at least when it does come through he can hopefully lodge the building permit quickly.

Oh but Dave still has to take him some more paperwork. Oh but we are waiting for the engineer to gives us their registration details so we can fill out the paperwork and they aren't replying to the emails. Yawn!

Then there is the energy rating. That is meant to be quick once he has the final engineered drawings. If only the bloody engineer would finish them. We got an invoice to pay for the drawings from the engineer but are not paying them until the work is done right!

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