Monday, 25 November 2013

A touch of Christmas

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The family has been sick and I have been trying to catch up on the housework.

I went to Aldi on Sunday to do my normal grocery shop and spied some outdoor cushions. I had my eyes on some at Ikea but they weren't in stock in Melbourne so I was just using some old indoor cushions that also came from Aldi with a quilt cover set.

They didn't go with anything so were only ever a fill in until something better came along.

These new ones were only $13.99 each and are proper outdoor cushions. Yay!
Plus they are red so go well with Christmas soon approaching.

I also ventured into Kmart to look at Christmas lights and instead came out with these doormats. I am using the old ones at the tradesman's entrance at the back for all the muddy boots.

The kids love them and that is the main thing :)

Next project is the lights and tree next weekend.


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