Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pulling down the pergola

Todays job is to pull down the pergola.

We are going to recycle the timber to use for framing to save some money. Also, I have listed the old laserlite on the local buy, swap and sell to hopefully get some money too.

What a shock we got this morning to see the deep holes near the fence filled with water. We think it has been seeping out from under nextdoors slab. Dave is going to ask a workmate for his pump to get rid of it.

So, yesterday the digger ran out of time and space in the skip, so he will come back next Saturday and we will get another, bigger, skip to do the rest of the holes. Unfortunately that will push us back another week with the framing but we really want the base down correctly to save problems later on with movement.

Off to pull out weeds now.

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