Sunday, 1 December 2013

Oh holey night

Holes, holes, holes. Will they ever end?

On Saturday we had another concrete truck deliver 3.5m of concrete. With the help of a friend we filled the remaining large stump holes for the steel beams and some of the stump holes under the existing house. It was a warm day and luckily little miss 1 was having her sleep so I could help spreading the concrete.

Now we have started digging the rest of the stump holes in the backyard. We have 11 to do and are trying to do 2 each night after the kids are in bed or after work. Last night we did 2 and finished after 9pm.

Also on Sunday we hung all our Christmas lights and put up the tree. The house looks so festive now and the kids just love it!

I wonder what the house will look like this time next year? Hmmm... hopefully a lot better.
Seasons Greetings,

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