Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Back from Holidays

It's been a bit quiet at This Little Yellow House. We've been away!!
Pre-snow ball fight

We got home yesterday but already we are all missing our time away wishing we could be back there again. We are not looking forward to getting stuck back into the renovating. We kinda were enjoying being tourists and getting out to see the world.

Here are some pics of our time away.

Birthday wish, minigolf

First touch of snow

Cold hands but didn't stop her throwing snow at Daddy "Gotch!"

Loving the snow

Walking trough the snow

Cadbury factory

Cadbury factory

Cadbury factory

Cadbury factory

Cadbury factory

Heading up to the Museum of old and new art (MONA). AMAZING!!

Museum and art gallery

Got in trouble for stepping over the white line at the gallery

Getting chips at the wharf

Heidi and Harley

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