Saturday, 29 November 2014

Down she comes

The scaffold that is, not the house thank God.

We needed to lower the scaffold so that we could finish the weatherboarding on the top storey (The scaffold was in the way). That pretty much took all week to do. But it was finished last night and today w put up the last 4 weatherboards.

Moving the scaffold down.

Can now see the back more clearly.

Wrapping up the bottom of the wall.
The last 2 boards are now on.

Isn't she looking grand.

On Friday Dave called me at work and said h was at our house with Brad the stair guy and he was measuring up for the stairs and may even get them in before Christmas even if that means working Christmas Eve, WOW!! How awesome is that?

Also the electrician should be coming before Christmas to rough in the cables. What a busy time it is about to become and I LOVE it!.

With the stairs we had to make a decision about the landings. Do we have them flat (there will be two) or do we have them just winding up. I really wanted two flat landings so that means the stairs will come out further into the dining area. He draw it on the floor so I could see. I think we will go with that. They will just be a bigger feature.
Our new staircase will go about here.

He said we'd have the quote by the end of the weekend.

As tomorrow is the 1st of December we are getting the decorations ready to put up. I put the tree up and strung 1200 lights to it. It looks amazeballs and would be great just how it is without decorations. But they will go on tomorrow evening on the 1st Dec.

Pretty exciting time of year.

Who else is getting their tree ready? I'd love to see pictures.


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