Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sanding and polishing the Blackbutt floors

Hello there!

Wow I sure have been slack in updating the blog lately.

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen a before photo of the lounge room emptied ready for the sanding to start on Friday night. But before we could do that, we filled the knot holes with epoxy resin so we didn't get little kids toes stuck in them. Some of the holes were ok but some it just soaked straight through but did smooth them out a bit so not to bad.

The epoxy just leaked straight through this knot hole.
Here is Chris the floor sander at work. He worked Friday and Saturday and still needs to come back next Saturday to do one last sand and coat.
After the first coat it looked like this. However, the final effect will be matt.
While all that was happening out the back, Dave ripped up the hallway floor, levelled it and glued down the yellow tongue ready for floorboards. It feels so solid now, it's great.
The house is nightmare mess at the moment, but things always look worse before they look better so I just have to battle through the dust and clutter.


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