Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Pottery Barn Melbourne Opening Day!!

It was worth it!

It was worth the 40min drive out to Chadstone.
It was worth the 30min wait for a carpark.
It was worth fighting crazy, impatient drivers.
It was worth the tired cranky toddler I ended up with. (I nearly lost her in the crowds a few times).

Why anyone shops at that place I have no idea. Only reason I'd ever go back is for these 4 AMAZING shops.
Closest to camera, West Elm, PB Kids,PB and Williams-Sonoma
 Love those big barn doors. Dave told me I should walk in and ask which way to the pottery he he he.
They even had guards on the doors.
 Another guard.

I was hoping to get to West Elm in time to see Michael and Carlene from the block, but because of the carpark being a mental asylum, I missed them.

 It was so cool to see all the cots setup in real life. They look just as good as in the catalogues.
 I just loved this grey cot and grey chair.
 Heidi loved all the kids toys especially the dolls house and horseys.

 These ballerina sheets reminded me of the ones I had as a little girl.
 Christmas tree had a Santa hat on. I thought that was cute.
 Their couches looked so good in real life. I loved them all. How will I ever choose.
 Ok I will choose this one. It was so gorgeous and amazing quality. Better than in my bad phone photos.
 Their lamps were stunning. They had some massive glass ones just out of shot that were great.
 In Williams-Sonoma they were cooking. It smelt like America. They had something cinnamon they smelt devine.
 They were making these mini hamburgers from this mix:
Williams-Sonoma Parker House Roll Mix
And they were fantastic.
We also tried this devine peppermint bark. Heidi kept going back for more. It was pretty expensive though. One small bar was $4 and tins were about $39.

I could have spent all day there and definitely want to go back and show my husband all the awesomeness.

I highly recommend a visit for all Melbournites.


  1. How fun and exciting! Makes me really appreciate how close I live to West Elm and Pottery Barn.

    1. Do you? Lucky duck! I guess they are everywhere over your side of the world.