Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bye bye ceiling

It turned out to be a rainy weekend in Melbourne. So after we got a bit of painting in on Saturday morning, we had to turn to our rainy day jobs list.

A month ago we opened up the back section of the house and laid the floor. Today we ripped down the old lounge room ceiling.

Before photo. Ceiling still intact. (Bad photo because it is dark and rainy outside today)

Plaster coming down
Plaster down

Vacuuming the top of the plaster before pulling it all down.

Another Mona Lisa shot

More light coming through

Heidi cleaning up after Dad.

I can see the pretty tree in the backyard from the kitchen sink

Pulling down the doorway
 What a mess huh! Don't you feel so lucky you don't have to live here right now. We will be eating plaster dust for a while I'm sure.

 After the rain stopped, we managed to get outside and put on some missing weatherboards.

This is outside the bathroom
It is so daunting to think about how much we still have to do. Weekends go so fast and we don't see much change for our work. Christmas is less than six weeks away and I can't seeing us getting to lock up by then like we'd hoped. I did order and pay for the two new windows to go next to the fireplace on Friday. So we hope they will be here before Christmas.



  1. It took us a long time to feel like we were getting anywhere with our place too. There just isn't enough time on weekends to do the work you want to do around the house, plus the things you need to do to keep the house running (laundry, grocery shopping, etc). People don't realise how time consuming some of the work can be!

    1. And especially at this time of year with so many functions on at the weekends. It's near impossible huh!