Thursday, 18 June 2015

Choosing skirting boards and chair rails

It is time to do some more of the fun stuff and that is choosing the finishing touches. We are now very close to painting Sammy's room but before we do, Dave has to add the door jams, architraves, skirtings and chair rail.

Our old skirtings in the downstairs area are pretty boring and small. Well they aren't small like the modern types but for a period home they are not exactly high. So this time we want to replace them all and add something a big bigger.

I am thinking I like something like this.
I like this skirting from Classic Architraves

As for chair rail, I don't want anything to thin, so maybe something like this.
Potential chair rail from Classic architraves
I really love this room and chair rail that I found on Pinterest.
Such a pretty room. Love the chair rail and colours.

I wonder if I could convince the kids to go for colours like that. Sooooo peaceful.

The plan is to organise these things this weekend and also to install the rest of the bullnoses for under all the windows upstairs and maybe to ones downstairs too.

The plasterers still have to come back to finish sanding the downstairs. Not looking forward to the dust. I think the plaster dust has already stuffed my new vacuum cleaner.


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