Monday, 8 June 2015

Queen Birthday long weekend workings

 Dear blog,

It has been many days since we last spoke and I am sorry. I have not forgotten about you, but rather have been drowning in laundry that seems to take over my evenings when I would normally do some blogging. However, here I am and this is what is happening at This Little Yellow House. (Do you think I need a new name for this blog now that it ain't little anymore? Let me know what you think.)

So, back to the blackbutt flooring in the new living room. It is finished now and looks stunning and so worth the extra cost to get that true timber look. But here is Dave doing some work on it. This is the small sections that will be under the built in seats.
Side under the window
Floorboards under the kitchen side.
I just love the combination of the red bricks and the bluestone hearth. Such a classic look.
This is the polish bluestone hearth.

 The last part was to finish the step and gee it looks eve better in real life.

On Saturday, my focus was to get the staircase handrail finished. I gave it another sand with a 240 grit sandpaper then another two coats of stain and varnish. So now they look like this and will be nice and smooth to keep any little fingerprints at bay.

Once that was completed, it was time for me to start with the painting of the rest. I taped off the floor around the big posts and got started. I used the Zinnser Primmer and sealer to paint the pine so they don't bleed through.

 Then after it looked like this.

Later that afternoon I got stuck into the steps and now they look like this.
Meanwhile, upstairs, Dave was busy finishing off the straps/cornice for the ceiling. We are just using pine as it will all be painted white.

The pine strapping around the edges of the ceiling.
More strapping
 Today, Dave started getting the downstairs ready for stopping up the plaster. This involved building a small wall for the other side of where the inbuilt seating will go for the dining room. Yep we are having inbuilt seating in the dinning and living rooms.
 As he was doing that, I jumped out the window and painted the west side of the house. This was in bad need of an undercoat before the real wet winter weather set in.
 While we were working on that side of the house, we took a moment to move the Optus cable to it's new position. You can see it here, the black cable. Then we moved all the modem and phone to this new spot and made it much tidier.
 This is where it used to be in big mess. How embarrassing!

 And for a few last photos, here is the fire in action with the hearth in place.
 And here is the new pendant light doing it's work. I love how this area is beginning to look now.

Well that ended up being a pretty long post but I feel like we did get a fair bit done this week. I even went carpet shopping with Mum which was cool.

Til next time.


  1. Don't change the name - it can be the death of a blog. I feel sad as I see the renovation come ever closer to the end as I've enjoyed watching your ideas come to fruition, but excited for you - imagine a time when laundry is the only "job" you have to do in an evening.

    1. Thanks for the feedback :) We still have a decent chuck still do to including building the ensuite which hasn't even got the stump holes dug yet.

      Even having a proper laundry will have me feeling spoilt.