Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Painting Sam's room

 The weekend found us adding the architraves to the windows upstairs. We were after a craftsman style architraves with a slight overhang on the ends to match the original architraves in the house. Which you can just see in this picture.

They are a flat profile and I am loving them already. I was sick of the fancier ones that we installed in the first renovation.
 We also are putting a bullnose ledge on the bottom ledge with a decorative scotia under it.

Today we started cutting in and painting Sam's room. He was more than eager to help as usual.

 Then after the kids went to bed tonight and Dave went to the gym, I rolled the ceiling and walls. Just finished and Sam will be so happy when he wakes up.

Here is the first undercoat finished. Hooray a white room!

Good night, I am tired now.

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