Sunday, 6 December 2015

Kitchen floor work

We had quite a productive weekend with Dave doing lots of work on the kitchen floor and I was doing Christmas decorating with the kids.

So we had leveled and glued down the yellow tongue in the hallway and now it was time to do the same in the kitchen which was obviously a bigger job. But we got there my 7pm Sunday night.

Kitchen floor up again
All the old floorboards have now gone.

Cutting out a notch for the power to the island bench

Putting the yellow tongue strip back into place.
 The kids and I tackled the Christmas stuff. Firstly we put up the tree.

This year I got a Kmart train to go around the base and I also got a new garland and some mini trees from Ezibuy.
Decorative Tree Set 
Prelit Berry Garland 
I also have this gold wreath coming hopefully tomorrow to go above the mantle.
Rose Gold Wreath 
I have never done a gingerbread house before so I thought this would be the year to try. The kids certainly enjoyed in and have been dying to eat it. I am not sure what the rule is for when to eat it though.
It feels so good to finally have the kitchen floor strong and secure and now we can think about getting the blackbutt down in the next few weeks. Well, after we have done the laundry floor that it.


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