Monday, 22 February 2016

Breaking down the walls

It is amazing how invigorating it is to pull down walls and open up spaces. It is probably just nice having a change as I am even looking forward to going to bed each night now that we had to move it against a different wall. Bizzare but Dave feels the same.

So we began the weekend by selecting and ordering the tiles for the bathroom. They will be about 2 weeks away so gives us so time to prepare the rest of the ensuite.

The time came to break through the bedroom wall to reveal the new ensuite!!!!
 That window had to come out too. I might try to sell it to help fund the project.
 Then down went the cement sheet floor.
We also had to buy a cavity slider. Unfortunately it is the wrong side so we need to take it back and order another one. But turns out it wasn't a problem as it will be easier to get the plaster in without the door on.
Cavity slider
The laundry now looks like this. Dave put up some plaster in case you thought it looked the same. So it gives us a feel of the size on the new laundry now that the walk in wardrobe is framed up.

Speaking on the walk in robe, I spent my day off today taking out all of the clothes and re-homing them and then I started taking out the rails and shelves. Then Dave came home and is currently demoing the rest.
Wardrobe space
 Wow!! It will be nice to have more space to spread out our clothes. I am just loving what the house is becoming. It always felt like a distant dream but now it is really changing I feel so spoilt.
He he Sam loves diving face first into our bed. Strange kid!
I think that is all the updates for now.
I am on the prowl for bathroom sconces and mirrors at the moment.



  1. Wow! I'm really enjoying your reno and extension! So Dave just cut the plaster board, which revealed the studs and noggins, then removed them to make the opening? He makes it look so easy! I'm now examining my walls wondering what I can remove!! Chuckle. It's looking really good and must be so exciting!

    1. Sounds easy but he had to first install a big lentle above the opening to support the weight of the roof because it was a supporting wall.