Sunday, 14 February 2016

I love my new door

This weekend was crazy!

We were trying to do so much on the laundry area as well as deciding and trying to buy all the fixtures for the ensuite. I came home empty handed. I went to a different Reeces plmbing shop which was actually really good an helpful and then to Bourne bathrooms who didn't even come over and ask if I needed help so I walked out.

Same thing happened at Bunnings. I tried to buy 2 basins and a shower head I wanted. I waited and waited and looked around for help but there was no assistance and I couldn't reach the basins which were up high. Even when asking at the front for some help all I was told is that they are on break. So frustrating Bunnings!!!!

Hubby had the same issue when he went to the trade entrance later to buy a door. The one assistant was obsessed with attending to the pretty woman and wouldn't even look up. So he left.

He went to Masters and got a brilliant door, better quality, good service and cheaper than Bunnings. This makes me so sad that Masters will be closing down. They do have great stuff there.
This is the door he got:
Windsor Timber Door 2040 x 820 x 40mm - Masters Home Improvement

Masters $179

I am thinking I will just go to Reece to get the things I need because both their stores have had great customer service and at this point that is what I need.

First thing Saturday morning Dave picked up more Blackbutt timber flooring for the lauindry. Cost about $650 from Urban Salvage.
Once we finally got the door (Saturday evening), Sunday (after footy sign up for our eldest) was spent prepping the door jam and hanging it.

Dave also built a frame for the window highlight to go above the door. That laundry will be so light and bright once it is all done.

So this week the plumbers will come back on Wednesday and do the ensuite roof. I need to get these fixtures though. I just hate paying full price.
Anyone know how I can get a discount at Reece's Plumbing?  he he



  1. Reece have an outlet in Footscray.

  2. I really like the door you guys chose. My family had a similar style when I was a teenager. I can’t believe you got such an awesome door for only $179! I thought about replacing one of our doors with a model like this, but I’m worried that one of my kids will break a window or two.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock

    1. Ha ha yep I am sure my kids will try to break them as well. That said, it will probably be me who breaks one now. LOL