Sunday, 28 February 2016

Plastering the wardrobe and ensuite

 Hello there!

This weekend was kinda boring. It involved much wall packing, insulating and plastering.

First it was the new wardrobe. We put brace ply on it because the wall the we removed to make the wardrobe bigger was braced. This wasn't required in the engineering but we like to be safe.
His little helper is never far away.
 There is a bit of an awkward nook in the wardrobe. Not sure how to arrange things in here yet.

Awkward wardrobe nook
 Then came the ensuite.
We need to get the plumbers back because they put the basins taps in the wrong place. Grrr. So we couldn't plaster all the walls yet.

That's it.
Like I said, a boring weekend.


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