Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bathroom vanity and laundry painting

Exciting things are happening at This Little Yellow House!

On Wednesday I did the first coat of colour paint on the laundry and gave the ceiling a freshen up with a touch of paint. The colour is the same as we used in the rest of the extension. Valspar Montpelier. Oh and we have a new door on the bathroom.
I did a little test paint on the door. I want it to be black but I think this may be too black. What do you think?
Dave removed the old architraves and skirtings from the bedroom and installed the new style (craftsman style) ones. Have yet to do the trim at the top though.
On Sunday, Dave's brother brought in the frame for the new ensuite vanity cabinet and Sammy helped him install it.

 So it looks like this at the moment.
More exciting news is that the ensuite windows are finally ready and Dave is driving out to pick them up after work today!!! Yay!

So he will install them this weekend and on Monday the tilers will come and start the tiling of the walls.

Last night after work, I picked up the new door handle set for the laundry door. It is in an oil rubbed bronze colour which is impossible to find in shops here and I had to order it from a fancy place called In2Lok.
It cost me $297 but it is super solid and should be great.

So hopefully this will be a productive week and there will be more photos to share soon.


  1. Hi Nat,
    I really love the Craftsman style of architraves - they have such character. I'm in the process of changing all our scabby ones out to Craftsman style, and it looks great! I also love your skirting! It looks fabulous and really suits your house. Personally I'm not sure about the black on the door. Think I prefer it white. Maybe live with it for a while before doing it, to see how you feel??? I love the sneck lock for the door.... commit to memory - check out In2lok.

    1. Great to know that someone else is attempting this style too. They certainly look good.
      I did finish painting the door black (well undercoat) and I really love it in real life.