Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ensuite tiles are done

 Sorry for the late post. Life has been a bit hectic at the moment.

But here are the photos of the tiles up.

And I finished painting the first coat of black on the laundry door and I am loving it!!!
We will be working on the painting the archs in the ensuite so the tilers can come back and do the siliconing around the edge and doing the shelves etc in the walk in robe.



  1. Wow!!!! That tile looks so beautiful! I love the way the tiler has joined the marble seams (or whatever they're called), so it looks like one continuous piece. Just love it! The hex tile looks great, too. Gee you've gotta be happy with that! Wow!

    1. Hi Elisabeth.
      The marble is 300 x 600 tiles laid in a brick pattern. I insisted that he used white grout even though he didn't want to and I am so happy that he did because it looks so smooth. Sorry to hear about your mis-matched tiles. :(

  2. PS. I want to redo my bathroom now. We've just had to have the shower floor redone as there was a leak, and they couldn't match the tiles, so now we have it looking like.... there was a leak, and they couldn't match the tiles. :( I really loved our bathroom prior to this. It will always just look patched now.