Sunday, 4 December 2016

My drawer handles are installed

I feel so bad for Dave. He thought that installing the drawers handles (all 14 of them) would be simple and take him only 1 hour. Instead, once he looked at the drawers, he realised that there was an issue. I wanted the handles at the top of the drawers, however this meant that they would hit the drawer carcass on the other side. So he had to take off every drawer front, drill the holes, counter sink the screws, attach the handle then reattach the drawer front to the carcass. So more like a 3 hour job.

But by the end of Saturday morning they were all done. I think they look marvellous and just like I imagined.

I will take a more distant photo once the room is set up. Because, tomorrow, the new rug and couches are being delivered. Woo hoo!


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