Monday, 5 December 2016

The couches!

I am so thrilled!!

You know how sometimes you picture how things will look, then after some time you forget and then doubt yourself. Well I was worried that the new couches wouldn't look good. I shouldn't have worried as they look even better than I expected.

The material colour blends so well with the blue of the bookshelves and the blue above the fireplace. Here is a close up of the fabric. It is called navy but has a woven texture.

The comfort level is crazy. They are so easy to sit on and firm enough that you can still get out with ease. Will be great for my Mum when she comes. The kids love lying on them and they are so big that even Dave can lie down and still have some feet space.

The rug is pretty standard, but again looks great in the room. The kids said they liked how it felt kinda bumpy under their socks. I don't even fancy putting cushions on them I kinda like them plain, but we will see.

Oh and here you can see the finished drawers and handles on the built in TV unit.

So happy I found these couches. If anyone is interested, they are called Grand Lodge by Freedom.



  1. Wow!! Your room looks absolutely fantastic! It's come together beautifully! I love the couches, too. I usually like older styled couches, but these are sort of a hybrid cross, and just look really good. You've gotta be happy with that!I love the built in unit, especially with the dark blue wall behind it. It really makes the shelves stand out.

    It's so nice when things come together just as you planned in your mind. Well done! It looks great!

    1. Thanks for you lovely comments Elisabeth. Yes I like how the couches aren't too modern and I think they wont really date as like you said they are kinda nice mix of both. Most of all I can't get over how comfy they are. They kids just love them too.

  2. They look great and comfy too! Such an inviting room :)

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