Thursday, 28 February 2013

Change of plans


This afternoon we met with the draftsman (with the three kids in tow. That was fun!! Not) and told him of the plans to go up and change the laundry etc. He told us that we would have to step in the top storey of the house due to regulations abut overshadowing. So he suggested doing a greater canterlevering and turning the overhang into an undercover outdoor area. This will mean that we can fit 2 bedrooms and a living room upstairs but it will encroach more on the kids backyard space. So we will have to rejig the backyard down the track to make the most of the space.

He said the new plans will hopefully be done in 2-3 weeks then we resubmit the amendments to council again. Fingers crossed no one objects.

I can't find any pictures online of what it might look like unfortunately.


  1. I sounds great. I'm surprised by how little of our backyard the boys use, even when playing cricket etc, so you may find you don't even miss it.

  2. I hope so Polly. They can always go to the park to play which I sure they will want to do more as they get older and have more friends in the neighbourhood.