Friday, 31 May 2013

Choosing floorboards is fun

Hubby picked up two samples of floorboards which we may using in the house. We want to replace the old baltic pine and have the same boards right the way through into the extension.

I really like light colours or dark colours but not a fan of the middle range or red toned wood.

For example, I like:

This is what he brought home:

They both look very simialar to me. The one on the left is messmate (which I had never heard of before but hubby had) and the other is stringy bark. I think I am liking the stringy bark a bit more. They come in either width and are all made from recycled wood.

Next Saturday we will both go to the showroom to have a better look.

Yay!! This is the fun part  :)


  1. I like the stringy bark too.

  2. Cool! That makes two of us :)

    I wonder if there is anything lighter still.