Monday, 25 February 2013

Undercoat finished

I just found time to finish the undercoat for the bench. However it is raining today so I hope it stays dry under the porch. I will paint the next coat in a gloss acrylic the same colour as the cream in our house. I think if I did it stark white it wouldn't blend very well.

I saw these outdoor cushions at Ikea which I think I might get for it. However the website says they don't sell them at Richmond Ikea  :(  That is dissappointing. I might have to go check out some places at Highpoint to see if I can find some. Maybe even spotlight.
GRENĂ– Cushion IKEA Easy to keep clean; removable and washable cover.
I am trying to convince my Hubby that we should paint the front door an indian red. I think it would give the place a nice punch of colour. He said though (being a carpenter) that you should never paint a door black or dark red because they absorb too much heat which warps the shape of the door. But ours is south facing so I don't think it would affect it too much.

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